As far back as the early ‘60’s I dreamt of having a library to house my beloved books. The inspiration came while watching Luchino Visconti’s movie “The Leopard”. But it was only after I moved to the U.S., that I realized that the dream could become true. Not knowing anyone who could build the library for me in the precise way I wanted it – and without spending a fortune - I decided I would build it myself. I never had any theoretical or practical experience in woodworking, so, in order to be able to undertake such a demanding project, I began learning the rudiments of woodworking by building simple pieces of furniture (tables, beds, small cabinets, shelves etc.). By the early ‘90s, I felt ready to start the main mission. I had the outer shell of an addition to my house built by a contractor based upon some very rudimentary sketches and around 1993 I began the carpentry work. I chose “Heart of Pine” as the wood for the whole project because it is very hard, strong and stable. Over the following 10 years, as the original sketchy construction drawings changed almost on a daily basis based upon my ability to execute on them, I spent not less than 15,000 hours, gallons of sweat, and a fair amount of blood, in learning by trial and error. My only companions during that long time, which absorbed all of my energy outside of my professional activity, were my dog Poncho – a great listener for my soliloquies - and classical music, consisting mostly of opera. No one ever added a nail, a screw or a drop of glue to the project, except for me.

The library was officially inaugurated in May 2014.

photo shooting Mathias E.Z.

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